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Mekong Delta

Destination Quiz: Vietnam & Cambodia

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11 May 2016 by Shana Rohn

Test your knowledge of Vietnam and Cambodia with our quiz! How well do you know them?

Name the countries that the Mekong River flows through

Hint: there are six countries in total

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Answer: China, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar)

Translating as 'Mother of Water', the mighty Mekong begins high in the Tibetan plateau, before wending its way some 2,700 miles towards its mouth in Vietnam. It also serves as an international border, as the various bridges between Thailand and Laos, and Burma and Laos are official crossings.

Fisherman in Mekong River

Which Vietnamese food has a French baguette as its foundation?

Introduced to Vietnam in the 19th century through colonialism, this food is now popular across the world.

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Answer: Banh Mi

It first appeared in Saigon as a pâté-based baguette, but the Vietnamese have gradually put their own stamp on it, with pork, pickled vegetables and chillies all popular inclusions.

Food of Vietnam

What is the official language of Cambodia?

While Cambodia's history can be traced as far back as far back as 4000-5000 BC, what is the official language of this country?

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Answer: Khmer

Spoken by over 16 million people, Khmer originates back to 600 AD, but its most modern iteration has been spoken since approximately 1800 AD.

Official Language of Cambodia

What might you find in the centre of Cambodia's national flag?

Cambodia's flag is predominantly red and blue, but what features in the middle of it?

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Answer: Angkor Wat

The temple of Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia and a source of fierce national pride. Cambodia's flag is also the only national flag to feature a building on it.

Flag of Cambodia

Which of these countries does not border Cambodia: Burma, Thailand, Laos or Vietnam?

Cambodia is only bordered by three countries, so which is the odd one out?.

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Answer: Burma

Cambodia borders Thailand to the east, Laos to the north and Vietnam to the west.

This country does not border Cambodia

What is the name of the biggest lake in Cambodia?

Hint: if you can translate 'Great Lake' into Khmer, you'll have the answer!

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Answer: Tonle Sap

Tonle Sap, meaning Great Lake in Khmer, is Cambodia’s largest lake and one of the most fish abundant in the world. During the rainy season, monsoon rains force the river to reverse its course.

In which city is Ho Chi Minh’s body stored?

For nine months of the year, Ho Chi Minh's body is preserved in a dedicated mausoleum, but in which city?

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Answer: Hanoi

The embalmed body of the revolutionary leader is preserved in a cooled, central hall of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi, and protected by a military honour guard.

Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh

Prahok is found in hundreds of Cambodian dishes, and is seen as a national institution. But what is it?

It's not the most typical taste to Western travellers, but if you're lucky, you might grow to like it...

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Answer: Fermented fish paste

Often referred to as 'Cambodian cheese', this strongly-smelling salted fish paste is integral in local cuisine. "No prahok, no salt" is a common criticism levied at bland-tasting foods. Across Indochina, shrimp paste is the next closest condiment, and is perhaps a little more immediately palatable.

Prahok Cambodian Food

How did you do?

0-1 right   Angkor Who? There's a lot of learning about Cambodia and Vietnam for you to swot up on!

2-4 right   You might have done some light reading on Vietnam and Cambodia, but there's so much more to know.

5-7 right   You're certainly on the way to gaining a rich understanding of this fascinating pair of countries, but try going off-the-beaten-track to top up your knowledge

All 8 right   Ho Chi Win! You are a master of this region. But is prahok to your taste?

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