Traveller Magazine issues

Traveller Magazine issues

Traveller magazine is the UK's longest-running travel magazine; since 1970 it has reported on the real experience of travelling the world, publishing articles by today's leading explorers, adventurers, photographers and travel writers, as well as tips and opinions from our destination specialists.

Traveller Magazine - Vol 46 No 2 2016

  • Jonathan Scott celebrates the glories of the Mara-Serengeti and its magnificent wildlife
  • Richard Lyon captures the glories of this photographer's paradise in Utah
  • Kevin Pilley explores the place where Mahatma Gandhi was born
  • Chris Pavone takes his children on an Arctic adventure in Iceland
  • AJ Heath visits a tribal village in Bhutan, where ancient ways may soon be changed by modern roads
  • Freddie Reynolds hitches a lift on a sailing boat down the Rhine
  • Simon Urwin meets miners playing and praying for a lottery in Sri Lanka
  • Charlotte Allan evades bush fires and local tricks on a safari in Botswana
  • Alex Robinson explores the cultures of the Mekong River
  • Warren Singh-Bartlett bids farewell to a country he has called home for 17 years
  • The renowned adventurer Tim Severin recalls a lifetime spent exploring ancient myths and recreating famous journeys
  • The winner of the Costa First Novel Award, Andrew Michael Hurley, recalls a place that changed his life
  • Fergal Keane, award-winning foreign correspondent, reflects on a lifetime of travel and the moments that have meant the most to him
  • Justine Hardy, our newest columnist considers the curious advice of the Foreign Office and how far you should follow it
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Traveller Magazine - Vol 46 No 2 2016 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 46 No 2

  • Alexander Armstrong on his latest TV series Land of the Midnight Sun
  • Fergal Keane reporting from the frontline of the European refugee crisis
  • Expert insight into New York State and Canada
  • Francesco Lastrucci's Punjab photography
  • Freddie Reynolds on Art as Life
  • Caroline Eden on the late Chief Vodou Priest Max Beauvoir's insight into the art of living
  • Freddie Reynolds on current life in Detroit
  • Alex Robinson on a magical New Year in Brazil
  • Sarah Ward's Letter from Hydra
  • Alex Stewart on the spectacular landscapes of Oman
  • Cheryl-Samantha Owen on equatorial Uganda
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Traveller Magazine - Vol 46 No 2 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 45 No 1

  • Julian Holland on northeast China's fading steam railways
  • Simon Armitage chats with Amy Sohanpaul about the poetry of travel
  • Kevin Pilley is embaressed by ancient Sicily's riches
  • Dervla Murphy on five places that have changed her life
  • Freddie Reynolds explores Slovenia
  • Alex Robinson on Thailand's hidden treasures 
  • Francesco Lastrucci photographs Medellín's vibrant tango scene  
  • Jonathan and Angela Scott visits the cheetah's last refuge in Namibia 
  • Simon Urwin meets healers and matchmakers in Kashmir
  • Alex Stewart recalls the ascent of Matterhorn
  • Vivid contemporary artwork by Mexican artist Carlos Amorales
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Traveller Magazine - Vol 45 No 1 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 3

  • Acclaimed chef Peter Gordon talks travel and cooking
  • Chris Stewart on the five places that changed his life
  • Jonathan and Angela Scott celebrate the beauty of Botswana
  • Natasha Kumar's Indian-influenced paintings
  • Rupert Isaacson finds mystery and magic in Queensland
  • Freddie Reynolds explores Innsbruck
  • Kate Eshelby head for the hills in Sri Lanka
  • Dave Ward photographs street life in Hong Kong
  • Alex Robinson reports from the jungles of Costa Rica
  • Wine buyer Melanie Brown gives a taste of her latest Kiwi venture
  • Alex Stewart travel to Swedish Lapland   
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Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 3 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 2

  • Horatio Clare on Cape Town.
  • Mark Eveleigh treks through the West Bali National Park.
  • Francesco Lastrucci sees the sunny side of Greek island life.
  • Mandy Huggins visits Slavin Memorial in Bratislava.
  • Virginia McKenna talks about filming Born Free.
  • Freddie Reynolds travels to Nashville and Muscle Shoals.
  • Stuart Freedman journeys to Tamil Nadu in India.
  • Jonathan and Angela Scott dive in the Galapagos.
  • Novelist Justin Huggler recalls five places that changed his life
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Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 2 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 1

  • Chris Moss explores Robinson Crusoe Island
  • Amy Sohanopaul chats to Simon Reeve about America
  • Kate Lord Brown visits Valencia
  • Photographer Zachary Canepari captures the faces of the Mekong
  • Kevin Pilley goes to St Petersburg
  • Freddie Reynolds heads to Martha's Vineyard
  • Jeremy Tredinnick treks in the Altai Mountains
  • Alex Stewart spends time in Peru's Sacred Valley
  • John Hollywell cruises to St Helena
  • Dr Laurie Marker reveals five places that shaped her travelling life
Traveller Magazine - Vol 44 No 1 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 43, No 3

  • The winning entries from the WEXAS Travel People and Culture photography competition
  • Robert Macfarlane, the 'new champion of British travel writing', talks about his walks and his writing
  • Jeremy Seal visits Gaziantep, culinary capital of Turkey
  • Victoria Schofield attends a Chinese wedding in Donjing
  • Pete Mathers drives Chile's Carretera Austral or 'Southern Highway'
  • Kate Eshelby explores the Florida Keys by railway
  • Sir Christopher Ondaatje explores the jungles of Belize
  • Luke McCormick visits a Soviet outpost in Svalbard
  • Jonathan Scott considers the future of Africa's big cats
  • Fergal Keane attends a wedding in Lebanon
  • We take a look at the paintings of Jake Paltenghi, inspired by the landscape adn artistic traditions of Australia
  • A moveable feast with Bruno Loubet, who shares his take on the French classic, Bouillabaisse
  • Peter Stothard recalls the five places that have changed his life
Traveller Magazine - Vol 43, No 3  title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 43, No 2

  • Amy Sohanpaul talks to travel writer Dervla Murphy
  • Amit Chaudhuri takes a look at the changing face of Kolkata
  • Alex Stewart discovers there's more to Malta
  • Photographer Sebastio Salgado talks about his latest project
  • Kate Eshelby visits Madagascar's coast
  • Kevin Pilley explore the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia
  • Duncan Mills explores the landscapes of Namibia
  • Freddie Reynolds travels to Ilulissat in Greenland
  • Mark Eveleigh sails among the Thai Islands
  • Fergal Keane compares Burma past and present
  • Nick Maes samples the cocktail scene in New York
Traveller Magazine  - Vol 43, No 2 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 43, No 1

  • Angela Scott captures the colours of the tsechus festivities in Bhutan
  • Mark Shand talks about elephants and his life in travel
  • Tom Feiling recalls the charms of Bogotá
  • Charley Boorman recalls the places that have changed his life
  • Freddie Reynolds visits Massachusetts in search of bears
  • Amy Sohanpaul goes riding around Rome
  • Alexander Kumar writes from wintry Antarctica
  • WEXAS Honorary President Michael Palin writes about Brazil
  • Mark Eveleigh visits Kenya's Northern Frontier District
  • Oliver Balch returns to India's hill stations in Darjeeling
  • Sir Christopher Ondaatje discovers another side to the Bahamas
  • Carole Edrich goes whale watching in Hudson Bay
  • Plus Simon Broughton discovers the secrets of Sarawak
Traveller Magazine - Vol 43, No 1 title

Traveller Magazine - Vol 42 No 3

  • Andrew Melhuish photographs cheetahs in the Masai Mara
  • Amy Sohanopaul chats to AA Gill about America
  • Fergal keane travels to Trieste
  • Russell Norman visits Venice
  • Freddie Reynolds returns to Hong Kong
  • James Henderson goes stargazing in Western Australia
  • Kate Eshelby travels to Burma
  • Alex Stewart savours the music in Cuba
  • Duncan Mills walks through Cyprus
  • Mark Eveleigh visits Ilha Grande off Brazil's southern coast
  • Kevin Pilley explores the Azores
  • Hardeep Singh Kohli tries the food of the Grand Trunk Road in India
  • Benedict Allen reveals five places that shaped his travelling life
Traveller Magazine - Vol 42 No 3 title

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