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Destination Quiz: Europe

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15 April 2016 by Ronan Gay

Test your knowledge of Europe with our quiz! How well do you know Europe?

What is the most northern capital city in Europe?

High up on many people's lists of places to visit, this city is 64.1265° north and is home to a thriving culture scene and lively nightlife.

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Answer: Reykjavik

Reykjavik is one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities in the world, and is one of the top destinations from which to try and see the Northern Lights.

Which countries border Switzerland?

There are five countries in total – can you get them all?

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Answer: France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein

Did you get Lichtenstein? Many people miss out this country, with a population of just 36,000.

What city is further west – Bristol or Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Castle is built on the site of an extinct volcano, while chocolate bars were first invented in Bristol. But which city is farthest west?

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Answer: Edinburgh

Surprising to some, Edinburgh is actually further west, being 3.06º west, while Bristol is 2.06º west.

In what year was Rome founded?

The date of the Roman Empire's fall can be given as various dates, including 476AD and as recently as 1453AD, but Rome can only have been founded in one year – what is it?

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Answer: 753BC

In Roman mythology, brothers Romulus and Remus left Alba Longa to found their own city and, in an argument over an augury, Romulus killed his brother and founded Rome at his favoured site: the Palatine Hill.

More people in Iceland refuse to deny the existence of elves than do deny the existence of elves. True or false?

From Shakespeare to Tolkein, elves are popular features of the English literary canon. But do Icelanders really think they exist?

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Answer: True

Incredibly, 54% of Icelanders refuse to deny the existence of elves. A much smaller figure, 3%, claim to have actually encountered an elf – that's approximately 1,000 Icelanders.

What is the tallest mountain in western Europe?

Whether Russia and Georgia's mountains can be classified as situated in Europe or not is debatable, so ignore those and just think about western Europe.

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Answer: Mont Blanc

Standing at 15,777ft (4,808m), Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in western Europe, and the 11th highest in the world.

What is the national dish of Hungary?

Been to Budapest? You can't have failed to have noticed the abundance of restaurants and cafés serving this. It's an absolute classic.

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Answer: Goulash

Neither a stew nor a soup, the hearty goulash is made with pork or beef, and topped up with carrots, onions and paprika.

How did you do?

0-1 right   You need to pack the suitcase and get on the road – there's lots to learn about this continent

2-4 right   You're on the way, but consider visiting some new countries to top up your knowledge

5-7 right   A seasoned traveller, you clearly know Europe well

All 8 right   You are a Master of Europe. You must enjoy a European holiday, just like us!

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