Tiger spotting in India

Tiger spotting in India

Published: 31 October 2012 Editor: Luke McCormick

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India's Supreme Court has recently lifted a ban on tiger tourism. The activity was originally suspended in July 2012 after the court issued temporary banning order following complaints that commercial activity was threatening the native tiger population.

India's best wildlife viewing is found in Madhya Pradesh and Ranthambore National Park. To help you plan a tiger spotting tour in India, here's a round up of India's best tiger reserves.


Bandhavgarh National Park, within easy reach of Varanasi, is renowned as one of the country's most beautiful reserves and famed for its tiger sightings.
Although not the largest reserve in India, Bandhavgarh has the highest density of tiger and an incredible diversity: 37 species of mammal, including leopard, various deer species, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, fox and wild dog, as well as more than 250 bird species and 70 different butterflies.


Kanha National Park is one of India's largest parks and was one of the first to be protected under Project Tiger. Along with the healthy tiger population, it is also the last remaining habitat of the hard ground barasingha, or swamp deer.


Panna National Park is a pristine wilderness area: a vast plateau dominated by thick teak forests, grasslands, deep gorges, cascading waterfalls and the central tree-lined Ken River, with its views of ruined temples and ancient hunting lodges.

Although tigers are sparse, there are other species of cat, such as leopard and jungle cat, as well as wolves, foxes, India's ‘Big Four' snakes, and a plethora of bird species and mugger and marsh crocodiles.


Made famous by Kipling's famous ‘Jungle Book', Pench National Park sprawls over a breathtaking landscape of hills, forests and valleys, with the meandering Pench River dividing the park in two.

Rarely seen tiger and leopard mix with large numbers of deer, wild dog, jungle cat, jackal, crocodiles, turtles and water birds.


Rajasthan's Ranthambore National Park is home to one of the finest and most popular tiger reserves in India.

The few remaining tigers roam freely among the dry forests of the park, which is fed by several rivers that have been dammed to form lakes.

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