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The USA covers the heart of North America. From Mexico in the south all the way to Canada in the north; the 48 states of the continental US offer amazing diversity, natural beauty, great cities and unrivalled hospitality. [See USA itinerary ideas]

Add in the striking landscapes of Alaska and Hawaii and you have a tailor-made holiday destination that will deliver every time.

If you're California Dreamin', get your kicks on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica before checking into a Hotel California in Los Angeles or San Diego for some surfing USA. From there, take the striking Pacific Coast Highway north and you to could be sitting on the dock of the Bay in San Francisco.

On the east coast, the streets of Philadelphia are the birthplace of the American nation, while New York is undiminished as the city that never sleeps. Further north, long Vermont roads are characterised by impressive Fall foliage, while New England's natural beauty extends from forested hills to miles of sublime coastline.

Take the midnight train to Georgia to discover the Deep South's renowned musical heritage at Graceland, experience more soul and southern delights in Sweet Home Alabama, or head west for a rocky mountain high.

America's national parks - from the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon and Monument Valley - will leave you spellbound, while the great outdoors lifestyle abounds in Alaska and Hawaii.

But if you really want to party in the USA, only the big stakes tables of viva Las Vegas will do.  

Wexas Travel brochure for USA

United States of America brochure

Our in depth guide packed with background information, sample itineraries designed by our experts and hand-picked suggestions for what to see and do, where to stay and when best to go.

When to go

The USA is huge and therefore massive variations in the weather occur, dependent on where and when you visit.

The northeast experiences a similar climate to the UK, with a distinct winter, spring, summer and autumn. Temperatures can be more extreme however - New York can experience long periods of heavy snowfall in winter and baking hot summers - and rainfall in the far northeast is markedly low. The southeast is more tropical, meaning dry and warm winters and humid summers. The hurricane season lasts between June and late-November.

Much of the southwest is hot and dry - Nevada, which lies in the rain shadow of the Californian ranges, is the driest state in the US and experiences huge variations in temperatures with the hottest summer days reaching 50°C plus. Coastal California experiences an almost Mediterranean style climate and is hotter the further south you travel. In Seattle, near the Canadian border, the reputation for rain is not unfounded, though the locals are keen to note that it 'keeps the Californians away'.


Essential Experiences

We’ve rounded up our list of recommended sites and things to do. Click on the map to enlarge it and see what we suggest or follow the links in the list to discover how to get the best out of your holiday.

Practical Information

Capital - Washington, DC

Size - 9.8 million sq km

Language - The United States has no official national language, though English is spoken widely. Other predominant languages include Spanish and Asian and Pacific island languages

Population - 316 million

Religion - Protestant, Roman Catholic, Mormon, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim

Currency - US$

Time zone - GMT -5 to -10

Flight time from the UK - to New York, 7hrs; to Los Angeles, 11hrs; to Austin, 9hrs


January - Sundance, the USA's largest independent film festival, held in Park City, Utah

February (to early March) - Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana

March - SXSW (South by Southwest), one of the world's most exciting and comprehensive conventions of contemporary film and music held in Austin, Texas

April - Patriots' Day, civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the first battles of the American Revolutionary War, Boston, Massachusetts

May - Kentucky Derby, the USA's most famous horse race, run since 1875 and held in Louisville, Kentucky

June - Pride Week, a weeklong festival marking the Stonewall riots, considered to be the beginning of the modern gay-rights movement

July - Newport Folk Festival, which features blues, folk, country and bluegrass musicians, held in Rhode Island. The Newport Jazz Festival takes place in August.

Late-August to September - Burning Man Festival, alternative arts event held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada

September - Monterey Jazz Festival, legendary jazz festival held in California

October - Bridge Bay, the world's largest extreme events, which sees hundreds of BASE jumpers jump off the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia

November - Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, an enthusiastically patriotic parade through the streets of Manhattan, attracting over two million spectators

December - National Finals Rodeo, the premier rodeo event in the US, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  


Please note that entry requirements and visa regulations can change often and at short notice. We can provide general information about the passport and visa requirements for your trip and this information may be included after the itinerary section of your quotation. Your specific passport and visa requirements and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Neither we nor the principal(s) or supplier(s) accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. Please call your WEXAS specialist if you wish to discuss entry requirements.

Passport requirements

Passports must be valid for the full duration of your stay. If you are visiting another country or countries en route to or from the USA, be sure to check any further entry requirements.


The US Dollar ($) is the official currency. Coins come in denominations 1¢, 5¢ (Nickel), 10¢ (Dime), 25¢ (Quarter), 50¢ and $1; notes in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100.

ATMs are available at all times of the day throughout the country. There will likely be a small charge for foreign transactions, but exchange rates at ATMs are generally as good as you'll find anywhere else. Be sure to notify your bank of your travels to avoid them from blocking your card when an international transaction is made. Credit and bank cards are accepted at most shops, hotels, bars and restaurants, but be sure to carry some cash with you for tipping purposes.

There are numerous slang terms for money in the US that might be worth remembering: $1 note is often referred to as a 'buck', $10 a 'Hamilton' or 'sawbuck', $100 note as a 'Benjamin'.

Regions [15]

Click on a place name below to find out more. Alternatively, to start planning where to go in USA, talk to one of our destination specialists on 020 7590 0636.


Hawaii lies scattered across the Pacific like a series of emeralds. 2,000 miles from the USA, they take a bit of effort to access but the rewards are immense.


The Midwest often lays claim to being the most 'American' part of the US. This area of Middle America is home to a large portion of the American population and some lovely wide-open spaces.

National Parks

America's great national parks are a genuine highlight for many visitors to the US. The Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the natural world, while majestic Yellowstone is widely regarded as the oldest national park in the world.

New England

The New England region is tucked away in the north-eastern corner of the Unites States, made up of the six states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

New York

When most people think of New York, it's the skyscrapers of Manhattan that immediately spring to mind, but the Empire State has so much more to offer than the exciting streets of its eponymous major city.

Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon are home to some of North America's most rugged and spectacular terrain, as well as two of the most forward-thinking cities, Portland and Seattle, both surrounded by soaring mountains ...

Pennsylvania & Great Lakes

Pennsylvania and the Great Lakes is an attractive, largelly rural area of the USA with dramatic scenery and some important cities, including Philadelphia.

Rockies & Great Plains

The ancient Rockies offer a breathtaking array of outdoor experiences, from the expansive Wyoming Plains and deep river canyons of Idaho to the towering mountains of Colorado and ...

The Carolinas

The Carolinas are an area of immense natural beauty, with a brilliant coastline filled with delightful beach resorts and an interior of rural farming lands and charming towns and cities, filled with history, culture and much more besides.

The West

The American West has long seized the imagination of people around the world, thanks to region's association with the silver screen, from early days of Wild West cinema to the stars that today grace the red carpets of Hollywood premieres.

Itinerary ideas [67]

The itinerary ideas listed below are designed to give you a flavour of the things to do in USA. We can adjust any element and tailor-make your trip though, to suit your individual needs and available time. To start planning your trip, talk to one of our destination specialists on 020 7590 0636.

Rhythms of the Deep South self-drive

Special offer From £1,795 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine History & culture

Discover a rich and innovative culture, history and heritage on this 15-day self-drive tour of the five Deep South states of Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, …

Canyon Country Self-Drive

Special offer From £1,745 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine Natural world

The deserts of south-west USA are home to some of the most incredible landscapes anywhere on earth. A geological wonderland of giant twisted rock formations, …

Pacific Northwest self-drive

From £2,745 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine Natural world

The ‘outdoor state’ of Washington and the coastal stretch of Oregon are astoundingly beautiful and no less magnificent than the more widely travelled …

Alaska, Glacier Bay & the Yukon

From £3,995 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Self-drive

Few places in the world can match the grandeur and beauty of Alaska, though Canada's Yukon certainly gives it a run for its money. So imagine the sights you'll …

Great Eastern Cities By Rail

From £1,500 pp incl. flights
Rail journey

Explore the four greatest cities of America's eastern seaboard by train without the hassle of car hire or internal flights. With tours, trains, meet-and-greet …

Florida's beautiful beaches & amazing art deco

From £1,395 pp incl. flights
Beach City Luxury travel

For the finest beaches and most captivating sunsets, it's hard to beat Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast stretching from Tampa to Naples

The McKinley Explorer

From £2,245 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Rail journey

This seven-day tour will see you travel by glass-domed train to Alaska's flagship park, Denali, where all manner of optional activities are available, including …

Alaska’s Northern Lights

From £2,595 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure History & culture Natural world

Located within a ring-shaped region around the North Pole called the auroral oval and less than 200km south of the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks in Alaska is among …

Oregon Fly-drive

From £1,745 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Self-drive

A ten-day self-drive through Oregon, taking you to Portland, Newport, and Sunriver among other destinations

Chicago to New Orleans by rail

From £1,795 pp incl. flights
City History & culture Rail journey

This seven-day tailor-made holiday begins with a two-night stay in Chicago in America's Midwest, where you'll enjoy a mix of free time and guided touring as you …

Sunshine State Self-Drive

From £1,495 pp incl. flights
Beach City Honeymoon

Think Florida and more than likely the first things that come to mind are gorgeous stretches of white sand beaches and Disney World. Although both of these are …

Highlights of Alaska

From £2,895 pp incl. flights
Natural world Self-drive Tailor-made travel

America's largest state is a sprawling terrain of grand and imposing landscapes, with some 3 million lakes, 100,000 glaciers, the continent's highest peak and …

On The Plantation Trail Self-drive

From £1,495 pp incl. flights
City History & culture Natural world

The magnificent old houses of America's Deep South hold a palpable record of the prosperity of this fascinating region prior to the American Civil War. As 19th …

Capital Region USA - self-drive

From £1,595 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Self-drive

Washington DC, the capital and political centre of the USA, is an inspiring place for many different reasons. Carved out of a swamp where frogs originally …

America’s National Wonders

From £2,245 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure History & culture Natural world

The national parks of Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain comprise the bulk of this 16-day tailor-made self-drive combining wonderful scenery, prolific …

The West-Coast Classic

From £1,995 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine History & culture

Iconic cities, spectacular landscapes, fine wines and great food can all be found in America's western states of California and Nevada

The Rocky Mountaineer Seattle to Calgary

From £3,635 pp incl. flights
City Escorted tour Luxury travel

Begin this unforgettable journey in Seattle, on the shores of America's north-west Pacific coast. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this vibrant city before …

Best of the Carolinas Self-Drive

From £1,995 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure History & culture Self-drive

Discover why people say that The Carolinas are a land of contrasts on this 15-day tailor-made self-drive holiday. From misty mountain peaks to pristine beaches, …

Discover New England

From £2,145 pp incl. flights
City History & culture Natural world

New England is the birthplace of America, filled with rich history, cultural attractions, fascinating cities, scenic villages and outdoor adventures - all …

Grand tour of Hawaii

From £3,645 pp incl. flights
Beach History & culture Honeymoon

Hawaii is one of the world's most romantic destinations and also one of the most exhilerating, home to fiery volcanoes, pristine coral reefs and emerald …

Tauck Luxury Escorted Journeys

Call for details
Activity adventure Escorted tour History & culture

Tauck - Escorted tours in the United States

Washington, DC City Breaks

Call for details
Short break

Washington, DC is a city packed with famous sights, free attractions, and an endless calendar of special events making America’s capital an alluring …

Multi Centres

Call for details
Luxury travel

The Atlantic is a big old pond to fly across, and as juicy as the Big Apple is, it seems a shame to go all that way and only see one of Americas incredible …

Scenic Parks Explorer

Call for details
Escorted tour History & culture Natural world

This 14-day escorted tour explores many of America's most spectacular national parks, all the while staying at superior hotels and travelling by luxury …

Dallas City Breaks

Call for details
Short break

With fantastic services from the UK and onto other cities in North and South America, as well as on to Australasia with a new direct flight into Sydney, Dallas …

New York State - Path to History

Call for details
History & culture Self-drive

Discover the magnificent scenery and captivating history of New York State's Hudson River Valley, home to the vast estates of preeminent New York families such …

Chicago City Breaks

Call for details
City Food & wine History & culture

Under nine hours from London and with superb sightseeing, shopping, entertainment and dining, Chicago, the so-called "windy city" on the shores of spectacular …

Deserts & Dunes of Western USA

Call for details
Beach Honeymoon Luxury travel

This fantastic eight-day, twin-centre break combines the excitement of Las Vegas with the laid-back lifestyle of Santa Monica on California's sun-drenched …

Maverick Helicopters - Las Vegas

Call for details

Flying you further and deeper to the the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Maverick are our preferred helicopter sightseeing partner in Las Vegas. They are highly …

Highlights of Pennsylvania

Call for details

Pennsylvania is America in miniature. Filled with a sense of historical beginnings, wartime struggle and landmark moments, the state today flourishes, crammed …

Picture perfect Palm Beach 13-day self-drive

Call for details
Activity adventure Beach Luxury travel

November through May is when the weather is at its best in The Palm Beaches, Florida, a glorious stretch of the Atlantic shore just north of Miami, …

Highlights Of Northern California

Call for details
Food & wine History & culture Natural world

Soaring mountain peaks, vast redwood forests, miles of spectacular coastline, vibrant cities, world-renowned wineries, iconic national parks and the largest …

The best of Texas self-drive

Call for details
History & culture Natural world Self-drive

Texas is more than just cowboy country. Its landscapes vary from the coastal swamps and pine-filled forests of the east, through the rolling grasslands of the …

New York City Breaks

Call for details
City Food & wine History & culture

New York has long been the favoured city for a short break to the USA and with good reason. Iconic attractions, incredible dining and nightlife and some of the …

Geysers & Gotham Iceland & New York

Call for details
City History & culture Honeymoon

For a honeymoon of absolute contrasts, why not explore the unspoilt natural beauty of Iceland, then follow it up with days of shopping, dining and theatre going …

Boston City Breaks

Call for details
City Food & wine History & culture

With a rich history dating back to the 17th Century, Boston, known as the 'Athens of America', is one of the oldest, and most fascinating, cities in the USA.

Las Vegas - self drive tour

Call for details
Luxury travel

Our self-drive tour of the West starts and finishes in Las Vegas. Southern Utah has five delightful national parks and several national monuments, the North Rim …

All American Music Tour

Call for details
History & culture Self-drive

When it comes to American music, all roads lead to the Deep South. There’s no better way to understand the life of Deep South USA than to take a tour through …

Highlights of Georgia

Call for details
History & culture Self-drive

Discover the highlights of the southern US state of Georgia on this 11-day tailor-made self-drive tour.

The Pacific Coast Highway

Call for details

Travel scenic highways from Los Angeles to historic Santa Barbara, famous for its breathtaking setting and rich Spanish heritage. Drive the scenic 17 Mile Drive …

Miami & Florida self-drive tour

Call for details
Luxury travel

The Sunshine State is all about having fun in the sun. As the only state with two coastlines, its 1,200 miles of magnificent beaches are the envy of the other …

Deserts & Beaches of Southern California

Call for details

From sun-kissed beaches and bone-dry deserts to the bright-lights of world-famous cities, California has an amazing and diverse landscape just waiting to be …

Book and Win with Holiday Autos

Call for details

Book your USA car hire between 1st and 31st March 2013 for pick up any time in 2013 and your name will be entered into a draw to win back the cost of your car …

Washington State vineyard self-drive

Call for details
City Food & wine Natural world

Tour Washington State’s finest vineyards and sample vintages at your pick of more than 600 wineries on this twelve-day tailor-made self-drive tour, starting …

Alabama music self-drive

Call for details
History & culture Self-drive

The Deep South has music running through its veins, and nowhere more so than in the state of Alabama.

Florida Explorer

Call for details

Welcome to Florida and a journey through the Sunshine State that draws so many visitors each year. This self-drive itinerary starts with a chance to explore the …

Alaska's Best By Rail

Call for details

Exploring Alaska by rail is both relaxing and adventurous. Destinations vary but all include adventure and scenic wonders. Visit Denali National Park, Prince …

Ultimate Capital Region

Call for details
Luxury travel Self-drive

From the grandiose architecture of America's capital to the mountains of Virginia and the waterways of Maryland, the Capital Region is the historic heart of the …

Hidden Gems of New England 8-day escorted tour

Call for details
Escorted tour History & culture Luxury travel

Crafted by Tauk and filmmaker Ken Burns, Hidden Gems of New England explores Ken Burns's backyard - intertwined with the stories he's told through his …

Philadelphia City Breaks

Call for details
City Food & wine History & culture

When considering a USA city break, New York, Chicago and Boston may be the places that first spring to mind. While Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's largest city, …

The Great Gatsby self drive

Call for details
City History & culture Luxury travel

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a literary classic; an era-defining novel set in 1920's Long Island - a golden age of excess, opulence and …

Discover the Oregon of dreamers 10-day self-drive

Call for details
Natural world Self-drive

If you're looking for world-class walking, golfing, cycling, skiing, rafting, kayaking or just about any other form of outdoor activity then Oregon is right for …

Cascades Loop

Call for details
Natural world Self-drive Short break

Beginning just 28 miles north of Seattle in Washington State, the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway passes through the heart of the spectacular Cascade Mountains. …

Alaska Wilderness at Windham Bay Lodge

Call for details
Activity adventure Natural world Wildlife

Located 65 miles from Juneau amidst the spectacular wilderness of south-eastern Alaska, Windham Bay Lodge offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore …

Luxury Southern California Self Drive

Call for details
Luxury travel Self-drive

There's no better way to explore the USA than by car. The driving is easy with inexpensive fuel and excellent roads that link vibrant cities with wide-open …

The American Queen Mississippi River cruises

Call for details
Luxury travel Natural world River cruise

There are few finer ways to explore the landscape, history, heritage and culture of the Mississippi than a voyage aboard a genuine paddlewheel steamboat like …

New England’s Finest Self-Drive

Call for details
Luxury travel Self-drive

This flexible self-drive itinerary will take you on a superb journey into southern New England. You’ll start and end your trip in Boston, visit the delightful …

Southern New England 8-day luxury fly-drive

Call for details
Luxury travel Self-drive

New England is the birthplace of America, filled with a rich history, cultural attractions, fascinating cities, scenic villages and outdoor adventures - all …

Yukon & Alaska Explorer

Call for details
Activity adventure History & culture Natural world

Inspiring landscapes, rich wildlife and quaint towns and villages are among the attractions on this highly rewarding self-drive tour. Gold rush cities, the …

Discover the real Florida 10-day fly-drive

Call for details
Beach History & culture Natural world

Discover another side to Florida on this ten-day self-drive up the north of the Gulf Coast and across the Panhandle. This is the Florida before Disney, Spring …

Canyonlands of the Southwest Self-Drive

Call for details

A trip through the American Southwest is a panorama of unparalleled scenery. It’s where magnficent skylines of sandstone give way to spectacular natural …

On the trail of the Lone Ranger 10-day fly-drive

Call for details
Luxury travel Natural world Self-drive

When Brigham Young and his Mormon followers arrived in what's now Salt Lake City in 1847, they had their work cut out to survive in a region of giant salt …

Places to stay [12]

The places to stay listed below only represent a handful of the accommodation options available in USA. We can also recommend and arrange accommodation to suit your personal tastes and budget. To start planning where to stay in USA, talk to one of our destination specialists on 020 7590 0636.

Holiday types [1]

The types of holiday listed below are just a flavour of the experiences available in USA. We can also suggest and plan alternative types of holiday to take into account your individual interests. To start planning what to do whilst away, talk to one of our destination specialists on 020 7590 0636.

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