Australasia and Pacific holidays

Australasia and the South Pacific offer travellers a wide range of holiday options and experiences for those looking for an Australia holiday, New Zealand holiday or chance to explore the picture-postcard islands close by.

People drawn to Australia and New Zealand by the wonderful combination of sights, wildlife and hospitable people will discover vast open spaces and vibrant cities, stunning panoramas and unspoilt beaches. And if food and drink are close to your heart, Pacific-rim cuisine has a well-deserved reputation, especially for seafood and world-class wine.

In Papua New Guinea you'll find one of the most culturally diverse countries on earth and, in the South Pacific, some of the most beautiful. Both can be visited independently or as extensions to Australia and New Zealand holidays.

Wexas Travel brochure for Australasia and Pacific

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific brochure

Our in depth guide packed with background information, sample itineraries designed by our experts and hand-picked suggestions for what to see and do, where to stay and when best to go.

Australasia and Pacific Travel


Australia is wild, vast and untouched, yet cosmopolitan, cultural and cool; a beautiful and ancient land, filled with unforgettable experiences and unique wildlife and landscapes you won't find anywhere else. A pristine coastline of cresting surf beaches and dazzling …


Sun-soaked Fiji is blessed with 333 islands, many uninhabited, almost all fringed by white-sand beaches and clear waters that offer superb opportunities for swimming, surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving. The abundant seas reveal vivid displays of soft corals. Reef …

New Zealand

When Peter Jackson was searching for the perfect setting to realise J.R.R Tolkien's fantasy adventures for the big screen, New Zealand was the obvious choice. Endless scenes of snow-capped mountains and ice-age glaciers, craggy coastlines and footprint-free beaches, …

Papua New Guinea

Immense cultural diversity and unique wildlife - most notably the glorious birds of paradise - are the hallmarks of a trip to Papua New Guinea. In this little-visited but fascinating country, located on the fringes of Asia across the Coral Sea from northern Australia, …


Samoa lies at the heart of the South Pacific in an archipelago of ten islands, half of which are uninhabited. It's a country dominated by volcanic land formations, lush rainforests and magnificent coral reefs. Thanks to its size and terrain it's also physically …


The islands of French Polynesia are scattered across two million square miles of the South Pacific Ocean. Its five great archipelagos offer every variation of the dream island paradise; some rise dramatically out of the blue waters, their jagged peaks stark outlines …

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