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Asia is a vast region and the destinations within this part of the world are each distinct. Sometimes thought of as difficult to get around, with alien cultures, long distances and difficult languages, the region actually has a comprehensive infrastructure that connects China, South East Asia and Indonesia.

People visiting will encounter a diverse collection of cultures and have the opportunity to indulge in both the ancient at iconic sites such as Angkor Wat and the ultimate in modern hi-tech cities in Shanghai or Tokyo. The region teems with temples, palaces and landmarks. Additionally, there are some stunning landscapes, lush rainforests, gorgeous beaches and idyllic island getaways to explore.

Travel to China and Japan for genuine culture shock and a chance to see a completely different way of life; journey across the Asian steppe to see Mongolia or travel through South East Asia, discovering the delights of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. Alternatively, there are still discoveries to be made a bit further off the beaten path in emerging gems such as Burma and less-visited corners including Indonesia and Malaysia.

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China, Japan & South East Asia brochure

Our in depth guide packed with background information, sample itineraries designed by our experts and hand-picked suggestions for what to see and do, where to stay and when best to go.

Asia Travel


Burma (Myanmar) is an enigmatic land of golden pagodas, natural wonders and smiling faces, but one we've felt unable to promote in the past. The positive announcement, however, of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi to end her party's 15-year boycott of tourism has …


‘Grander than anything left to us by Greece or Rome,' declared the French explorer Henri Mouhot, who rediscovered the fabled temple city of Angkor, the spiritual and cultural centre of Cambodia. These staggering ruins, some partly covered by trees and creepers, others …


China is a land of immensity, where superlatives come thick and fast: the world's biggest population, its highest peak, Everest, and Asia's longest river, the 6,300-kilometre-long Yangtze, are all found here and can be seen on a holiday in China. There are fertile …

Hong Kong

The buzzing metropolis of Hong Kong is a frenetic fusion of glass and steel skyscrapers, colonial heritage, centuries-old temples, compelling markets, lively street life and modern commercialism and consumption. Surprisingly, on a holiday in Hong Kong you'll also …


India travel bristles with an air of the exotic, thanks to the billion people of varying ethnic groups who create an intoxicating cultural cocktail that can be dicovered on our India holidays. The country's in-your-face diversity can be found among snow-capped mountains …


With more than 17,000 islands to choose from, the world's largest archipelago offers a greater range of sights, sounds, customs and cultures than virtually any other country on the planet. Sprung from a boisterous tectonic hotbed, Indonesia's kaleidoscopic islands run …


Travelling to Japan on a tailor-made trip is a fascinating, if sometimes bewildering experience - a place at once familiar and alien. On the one hand this is very much a 21st century nation, a land of neon-lit pachinko parlours in frenetic cities, cutting-edge fashion …


Picture-perfect landscapes, cultural riches and a relaxed pace of life have earned the landlocked nation of Laos something of a cult reputation among travellers and people on Laos holidays during the last decade or so. The least visited of the three countries that make …


An astonishing variety of cultures, religions, wildlife and landscapes can be found on a Malaysia holiday to this fascinating country of two halves. On one side of the South China Sea lies the Malay Peninsula, where most of the population lives, a mix of Malays, Indians …


Nepal is one of the most dramatic countries in the world, where spectacular scenery and centuries of spirituality combine to create a truly breathtaking destination. With eight out of the world's ten highest mountains within, or straddling, its borders, Nepal is of …

Singapore and Bintan

The futuristic city-state of Singapore hangs from the tip of the Malay Peninsula like a glistening mirror ball. This ‘Garden City' is arguably the food capital of Asia, but the tiny island state is also renowned as an economic powerhouse. The country's citizens spend …

South Korea

Korea is a mystery to many travellers, and even those who do visit often venture no further than the pulsating modern capital, Seoul. They may shop for arts and antiques in Insadong and perhaps take in one of the city's old palaces. But allow yourself a little more …

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the gems of the Indian Ocean. A small teardrop that falls from the great Indian subcontinent, it's a colourful and chaotic, diverse and devoted country - where Buddhism and an infatuation with the national cricket team take precedent. The ‘Island …


Glittering temples and the remains of ancient kingdoms, exotic islands fringed by white-sand coves, gently swaying palms and towering limestone cliffs have all made a holiday in Thailand something of a traveller's dream. A well-trodden trail highlights the main …


The largest of the three countries of the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam wraps around the eastern coast, stretching and bending from north to south as if struggling to contain its great wealth of attractions. Consequently, the country boasts a wealth of reasons to visit …

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