When to travel

South Africa Namaqualand in springSouth Africa Namaqualand in spring

Every destination has its best time to visit and there are often excellent reasons to travel somewhere at a specific time.

Take advantage of our expert knowledge and browse our month-by-month travel calendar for some suggestions for where to go at different times of the year, based on seasonality, special events and the best time to see and do certain things.

Equally, use the calendar if you're tied to travelling at a particualr time of year and would like some suggestions as to where in the world is best to be at that moment.

If you're inspired by something you read, follow the links to the country or experience description elsewhere on the site to see details of possible trips and itineraries. Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to a destination specialist in more detail or ask about another place entirely, give our team a call and let us help to get you away.

If you had to pick just a single trip to take each month, our specialists recommend:



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