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Wexas can arrange luxury holidays, beach breaks and tailor-made trips across all seven continents. Whether your heart's already set on a particular place, or the world's your oyster, explore the continents and countries below to start planning your next holiday. You'll find background information, our essential experiences, advice on when to travel and a host of suggested itineraries and recommended places to stay, hand-picked by our specialists.


Africa is a pulsating continent full of colour and contrasts, a destination ripe for exploration; it contains some of the world's greatest wildlife areas and richest cultures. Africa holidays include beach holidays, safari holidays and combinations of the two. …


A destination of superlatives, Antarctica boasts the clearest skies, bluest seas, most dazzling snow and some exceptional wildlife making it one of the most captivating destinations anywhere on Earth. Travel to the awe-inspiring white space of the South Pole for a truly …


Such is the diversity of destinations within Asia that it almost defies description. Whether during your Asia travel you explore the hi-tech cities and traditional centres of China and Japan, journey across the Central Asian steppe or immerse yourself in the culturally …

Australasia and Pacific

Australasia's two main countries, Australia and New Zealand, offer the traveller a wide range of holiday options and experiences. Further east Fiji, French Polynesia and the other tropical islands of the South Pacific are close to picture perfect. Enormous and eclectic, …


The Caribbean is a wonderfully mixed bag that offsets cliched visions of seductive white sands and turquoise seas with dramatic, forested landscapes. On a Caribbean holiday relax into the rhythm of the islands; explore the distinct history and culture of countries as …

Central America

A wealth of contrasts awaits the visitor to Central America, whether you want a satisfying package deal or are happier taking a few steps off the beaten path. Travel in Central America to explore the cultural icons at the heart of Mexico, or discover the wildlife, …


Smaller than Asia yet containing more countries, Europe is a melting pot of cultures and experiences. A rich heritage and outstanding landscapes compete for your attention during holidays in Europe. Those in search of activity and adventure, beach holidays and history …

Indian Ocean

The islands of the Indian Ocean are indulgent, luxurious destinations. Whether you're looking for a honeymoon to remember, a holiday in the Maldives, a Mauritius holiday or a trip to the Seychelles, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to slecting a decadent …

Indian Subcontinent

Often perceived as overwhelming, the Indian Subcontinent is full of seemingly strange cultures, boisterous cities and complicated travel networks. In fact exploring the mighty Himalayas, either in India, Bhutan or Nepal, the languid backwaters of southern India and the …

Middle East

The Middle East is home to glorious Islamic architecture, culturally significant, sophisticated societies and happening urban centres. Middle East holidays allow you to explore these destinations, many of which are undergoing dramatic transformation. Travel to Jordan, …

North America

Almost unimaginably large, North America contains an enormous variety of landscapes. Whatever you're looking for, holidays in America or Canada holidays will fulfill your wanderlust. Rugged mountains, giant lakes, dense forests, rolling prairies, open roads, activity …

South America

The diversity of destinations and experiences in South America is breathtaking; travel to South America to discover the distinct characteristics and attractions, from the Amazon rainforest to the soaring summits of the Andes, the empty spaces of the Atacama Desert and …

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