• Taj Mahal, India
  • Northern Lights, Norway
  • Pagan, Burma
  • Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Tailor-made holidays

Our top 10 tailor-made trips

Best of South Africa

From £4,095 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City Food & wine

If you've any doubt as to why South Africa draws more visitors than anywhere else in Sub-Saharan Africa, the incredible diversity of this 21-day tailor-made …

India’s Golden Triangle

From £1,345 pp incl. flights
City History & culture Luxury travel

The Golden Triangle, made up of the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, is classic India at its very best. This tantalising triumvirate serves up everything you'd …

Best of China

From £3,035 pp incl. flights
City Escorted tour History & culture

Ask most first time visitors to China where they want to go, and they will probably list: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin and Shanghai.

Best of Vietnam

From £2,625 pp incl. flights
City Escorted tour History & culture

Vietnam is a fascinating country whose friendliness and openness belies its traumatic recent past. No longer held back by its past or politics, the country is …

Sydney, Uluru & the Great Barrier Reef

From £3,400 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City Escorted tour

This 18-day tailor-made holiday blends a hugely popular mix of Australian highlights, beginning in Sydney, where you'll enjoy a cruise on the city's iconic …

The best of New Zealand

Call for details
Food & wine History & culture Natural world

Only New Zealand crams so much scenery into so little space: snow-capped mountains and ice-age glaciers, craggy coastlines and footprint-free beaches, …

Best of Brazil

From £4,295 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Beach City

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, hides a continents worth of highlights within its borders. Teeming rainforests, sparkling beaches and iconic …

Highlights of Argentina

From £3,395 pp incl. flights
City History & culture Natural world

From the fashionable boutiques of Buenos Aires to the towering peaks of Patagonia, Argentina is a country that continues to amaze. World-class wineries, ancient …

The West-Coast Classic

From £1,995 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine History & culture

Iconic cities, spectacular landscapes, fine wines and great food can all be found in America's western states of California and Nevada

The Italian Job

From £1,170 pp incl. flights
City Food & wine History & culture

Rome, Florence and Venice are among the three most romantic cities in the world, not just Italy. Each one has its own unique atmosphere, style and history with …

Top 10 cold tailor-made trips

Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

Special offer From £425 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Natural world Northern lights

Tromsø is situated right in the centre of the Northern Lights zone and is, therefore, among the best places on earth to observe this natural phenomenon. …

Trøndelag, the Polar Express & the Arctic

From £995 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City Exploration cruise

Norway's geographical navel, the region of Trøndelag offers history, culture and natural beauty in equal measure, all a convenient 2.5-hour direct flight from …

Ice Hotel, Sweden

From £665 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Ice hotels Natural world

Located 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, Ice Hotel is surely one of the most unique places to stay anywhere in …

Lulea & Jopikgarden, Sweden

Call for details
Activity adventure Natural world Northern lights

Travel by snowmobile across the frozen sea ice from the port city of Lulea on the Gulf of Bothnia to Jokipgarden hotel, a romantic retreat on the small island …

Iso-Syöte Snow Adventure

From £650 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Natural world Northern lights

Just 90 miles from the Arctic Circle and close to the border of Syöte National Park and two excellent ski resorts, Iso-Syöte is Finland's southernmost fell …

Romantic Iceland and the Northern Lights

From £610 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Luxury travel Natural world

Escape to the land of fire and ice for a romantic break full of natural wonder. Visit the relaxing geothermal spa at the Blue Lagoon before a stay at the …

Ilulissat winter break

From £1,620 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Natural world Northern lights

There are very few places in the world - if any in fact - where you stand a better chance of seeing the Northern Lights than in Greenland, a country where …

Québec dog sledding adventure

Call for details
Activity adventure City History & culture

This six-day tailor-made self-drive holiday to Canada's stunning Québec province combines a stay in historic Québec City and vibrant Montréal with an …

Aurora Adventure, Iceland

From £815 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Natural world Northern lights

The Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular phenomena, a mesmerising light show of dancing electrons in the night skies of northern Europe.

Northern Lights Canada Winter Adventure

Special offer From £2,095 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City History & culture

The Yukon, in Canada's wild northwest, is a vast region of spectacular landscapes, rustic frontier towns and fascinating native cultures. It's also one of the …

Top 10 hot tailor-made trips

Namibia in style self-drive

From £3,595 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Luxury travel Natural world

With dramatic landscapes, incredible wildlife and a spectacular coastline, there's much to love about the southern African country of Namibia.

Best of Burma

From £2,680 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City Escorted tour

Controversial, challenging but ultimately alluring, this 11-day tailor-made holiday offers the chance to travel responsibly to Burma, one of South East Asia's …

Best of Cambodia

From £2,370 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure City Escorted tour

Following the brutal years of the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia has bounced back. Uncover the country's fascinating and sometimes turbulent history as you …

Authentic Thailand

Special offer From £2,510 pp incl. flights
Beach History & culture Relaxation

Get a taste of Thailand as you combine the exhilarating capital city Bangkok with the hill tribes and temples in the northern town of Chiang Mai. Finally head …

Best of Borneo including Gaya Island

From £2,500 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Beach History & culture

Sabah, in the north-east corner of Malaysian Borneo, is home to some of the most diverse and endangered wildlife on earth. Dense rainforest interspersed with …

The Natural South

From £2,095 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Safari

Sri Lanka has it all - national parks, ancient monuments, golden sandy beaches, a colourful culture, and welcoming people who are always smiling.

Grand Tour of Peru

From £3,145 pp incl. flights
History & culture Natural world Wildlife

Beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and fascinating culture characterise Peru, a true South American gem that sweeps inland from the golden shores of the …

Grand Tour of Ecuador & The Galapagos

From £5,695 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Exploration cruise History & culture

Straddling the equator, mainland Ecuador boasts colonial cities, beautiful haciendas, towering volcanoes and green and steamy jungles. Combined with the …

Route of the Mayans

From £3,495 pp incl. flights
Activity adventure Beach History & culture

The Holy Trinity of Central America, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize are easily combined in this exciting combination of Indian villages, jungle-shrouded ruins …

"People sometimes ask us why we don’t book our trips through the internet. We have to explain just how helpful it is to talk to someone who knows exactly what we like, and who has actually been to the places we’re discussing and can speak from experience about what to see and do."
David & Sarah Coker (WEXAS members)

Whether your focus is on wildlife, culture, adventure or relaxation, our specialists can help you hand-pick hotels, choose the best sights and excursions, arrange private guides and smooth out your transfers and travel requirements. What’s more, you can go at a pace that suits you and build in time for independent exploration.

Our aim is simple – to help you create your ideal tailor-made holiday, and to organise it flawlessly.

Be inspired

The world is a big place but for more than 40 years we’ve been tapping its secrets. Our website and brochures are crammed with ideas and information about travelling across all seven continents, researched and written by passionate travellers.

We’re confident that if you explore the site or read through our brochures, you’ll soon get a feel for where you’d like to go.

Speak to a specialist

Once you have an idea for where you’d like to travel or for the kind of trip you’re looking to take - or even if you just want some general guidance - we recommend you talk to our destination specialists.

Drawing on years of first-hand experience, they’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and to offer advice. Better still, they’ll ask you questions in return, so they can better understand your personal tastes and tailor their suggestions to your individual needs.

There’s nothing our specialists love more than to inspire and surprise their clients. They may well be able to offer ideas that you’d never have thought of, or to tweak an itinerary to help you get the most from your trip.

Even a simple suggestion, like arriving at a place earlier than planned to coincide with a festival or holiday, can lead to an experience you’ll treasure forever but would otherwise have missed.

Plan your holiday in detail

After narrowing down your options, your destination specialist will work with you to design your trip in detail, creating a bespoke day-by-day itinerary, complete with price, for you to review.

Refine your trip

After reading your itinerary, there’s still plenty of time to ask further questions and to work with your specialist to refine your holiday. There’s no need to confirm anything until you’re completely happy.


Once you’re satisfied with all the arrangements, we’ll ask you to pay a deposit, at which point we’ll start to confirm the details.

Depending on your trip, you may also be asked to complete a booking form. When the details are finalised, we’ll send you your booking confirmation and receipt of payment.

Shortly before departure you’ll be sent your final day-by-day itinerary along with all relevant documentation, such as hotel or car hire vouchers and local contact details.

After booking

Even after paying your deposit, your specialist will be on hand to answer any further questions you may have. Should you wish to make changes, he or she will do their best to assist you.

This is also a good time to consider other essentials you may not have thought of, such as airport transfers, visas, foreign currency and travel insurance, all of which WEXAS can help organise.

While you’re away

While you’re away, we’ll always be on hand to help smooth any bumps in the road.

In fact, it’s often in times of crisis – such as unforeseen airline strikes – that the knowledge and dedication of our specialists really come to the fore.

We’ll monitor your situation, keep you abreast of the latest developments and do all we can to ensure your needs are met.

Learning from you

After your trip, we’ll be in contact with you to welcome you home. This also provides us with an opportunity to ask for your feedback.

This is invaluable in helping us uphold our high level of service and in ensuring we’re recommending the very best hotels, tours, guides and arrangements.

You can even write your own hotel reviews right here on our website. Simply search for the hotel on our site and share your opinions with other WEXAS members.

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